This clinic focuses on the techniques of reception and defence,
providing the theoretical knowledge and applying theory to practice through drills and game situations

Part I

10 minutes

Conditioning warm up.


  • Dynamic stretching routine
  • Speed and reaction: ladder and circuits

Part II

10 minutes

Physical and technical warm up to prepare your body to the specific activity and help prevent injuries.


  • Dig: grip, arms and shoulders, legs and core, reception platform
  • Front dig vs lateral dig

Part III

35 minutes



  • Movements: forward/backward and lateral
  • Trajectory reading, the four phases: waiting position – observation – movement – contact with the ball
  • Different orientation and positioning depending on the type of service

Part IV

35 minutes



  • Defence techniques (analytical and practical): lateral fall, rolling and diving
  • Dynamic control of the ball and how to approach the ball from a static/standing position
  • Reading and anticipating the opponents’ movements for the best placed defence

Part V

15 minutes

Game situation: theory applied

Part VI

5 minutes

Cool down and Stretching.


  • Standing hamstring, side lunge, lower back, shoulder stretches and hip extenders



At the end of this clinic you will have learnt:

  • The principles of the two fundamentals of volleyball, receiving and defending
  • The difference between the receiving and defensive digs and how to execute both efficiently
  • How to pass precisely
  • To put into practical game situations what you have learnt during the drills