Volleyball Hub?

A hub is the central or main part of something where there is most activity: we provide the indoor volleyball community with opportunities and initiatives that will make volleyball more competitive and enjoyable, in London, UK and Europe. Everything start from here!

By definition, a hub is the “device that connects different clients to a server, gathering the cables from different computers”. Likewise, VolleyballHub connects players through its network and gathers different people from different countries, with a common passion: volleyball.

the Turtle?

A turtle shell is a powerful symbol of resilience, patience and persistence. According to an ancient myth, the turtle’s shell was smooth in origin. Then, the myth has it, the turtle fought her battles for territory, food, survival, and every time her shell broke during a tough battle, she patiently gathered all the pieces back together. As she kept rebuilding her shell, she became wiser and wiser and the shell became stronger and stronger. Today the turtle shell is known as the hardest thing in the animal world and it is almost indestructible.

The Turtle is a symbol of resilience, patience and persistence: all qualities that a volleyball player has to master to achieve great results.

Our motto is #happinessissimple